Panels & Workshops

Scheduled Panels

11:30 AM: Dance & Choreography

“What is my live show supposed to look like?”
Holly Taylor (formerly of Alvin Ailey)

12:30 PM: Recording & Mixing Tips from the Pros

Getting your song to sound good from the start!
Anthony Acid (Def Jam, Nervous, Spinnin, Tommy, Wu-Tang)
Monikkr (Rocadence Records, NYC House Collective)

1:30 PM: Management, Bookings, and Contracts

“What do managers and booking agents do? When do I need one?” 
Andrew Krents (Entertainment Lawyer of Motta & Krents)
Wallace Collins (Entertainment Lawyer)
Sal Abbatiello (Fever Records)
Michael S. (CEG)

2:30 PM: Gaining Airplay

How do I get my Song on the Radio?
Bartel (Music Director of WKTU)
Tommy Nappi (Atlantic Records)
DJ Suraci (Promo Only Promotions)

3:30 PM: Publicity & Social Media

Creating and Managing your Presence on Social Media. 
Justin Kleinfeld of (Reflektor Publicity | Tiesto’s Publicist)
Brad Taylor (Big Machine Media)
Ron Slomowicz (Fusion Radio’s Music Director)
Larry Flick (Host of “The Jolt” on SiriusXM)
Len Evans (Project Publicity)

4:30 PM: Image & Branding

Importance of Branding and Image – What it takes to make it!.
Chris Corridon (Smooth City Hustle | Ashanti, Slowbucks, etc..)
Marc Mauro (Questionmarc Photography)

5:00 PM: Q&As with “Industry Vets”

How they got started?
The difference between a Major Label & being Independent.

Styles P - Melle Mel - Grand Puba

5:30 PM: Getting Signed to a Record Label

How do I get my music out there? 
Mike Popadines (Music Director of Music Choice)
Bartel (Music Director of WKTU)
Frank Murray (V.P of Promotions at Robbins Entertainment)
Bob Weil (VP of Pop Promotion at Sony/Red)
Tommy Nappi (Atlantic Records)

6:30 PM: Remix and Production

Where do I start if I want to remix a song? 
Cash Cash | DJ Skribble

Scheduled Workshops

1 – 5 PM: Remix Workshop

Experience what it’s like in the studio with top DJs & Producers starting a remix from scratch.
Jose Nunez
DJ Skribble
DJ Suraci (Promo Only Promotions)
More to come! 

2 – 6 PM: Choreography/Dance Workshop

Witness first hand what it takes to be a professional dancer – and go home with a few new moves!
Holly Taylor (formerly of Alvin Ailey)

6 – 6:30 PM: Twerk 101

Learn the basics of the dance craze ‘twerking’.

Scheduled Seminars

3 PM: ProTools For Fools

Learn ProTools in only 15 minutes!



















*All Times, Speakers, and Artists are subject to change.